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Our Mission


This Christian Science Church is one of the worldwide branches of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts, founded by Mary Baker Eddy in 1879. The Christian Science Church is “…designed to commemorate the word and works of our Master, which should reinstate primitive Christianity and its lost element of healing.” (Manual of The Mother Church by Mrs. Eddy.
P. 17.)

Sunday School


Our Sunday School is provided for students up to the age of 20. Instruction, which includes the teachings and healings of Christ Jesus, is from the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy. Students are taught of God’s love for them and of the relevance of Jesus’ teachings to their lives.



Services are at 780 Abrego Street, Monterey.

Sunday morning service and Sunday school begins at 10:00 AM. 

Wednesday evening testimony meeting is at 7:30 PM.


Notice: Church services on Sundays and Wednesdays and the Sunday School on-site will be temporarily discontinued at the 780 Abrego Street location until further notice.

However, we will continue to provide the church Sunday services and Wednesday testimony meetings with our Uber Conference telephone and online capabilities. To access Sunday Service at 10 am Pacific and the Wednesday testimony meeting at 7:30 pm Pacific, dial 831-296-3513 to connect by telephone and follow the prompts. To connect by computer, you must open with Chrome browser and go to www.uberconference.com/room/churchserviceSelect "Join Conference".

Enjoy singing along during our church service with the hymn selections posted below.
Reading Room & Bookstore— Two locations to serve you
August 2-8, 2021
This Week's Lesson:


Golden Text: Galatians 5:22 the, 23

…the fruit of the Spirit is

love, joy, peace, longsuffering,

gentleness, goodness, faith,

Meekness, temperance:

against such there is no law.

Finding the light that frees us from fear
A Christian Science talk by Alex Fischer, CS
Here is a link to replay the Carmel church lecture from May 30, 2021 that is
available to view for 3 months:
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Reading Room
The Reading Room and Bookstore in the church edifice at 780 Abrego, Monterey. 
Reading Room
The Reading Room and Bookstore at 198 Bonifacio Place in Downtown Monterey. 

Our Reading Room offers a quiet sanctuary to the community for study and prayer. It also serves as a bookstore, lending library, and information center for those wishing to learn more about Christian Science.

Available resources include The Christian Science Monitor, a timely international news magazine; monthly and weekly religious magazines; CDs of inspirational articles and music; biographies of Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of  Christian Science; many study resources including Bible dictionaries, concordances, and translations; and a computer for related research purposes.

There are 2 locations to serve you:

198 Bonifacio Place, Downtown Monterey

780 Abrego Street, Monterey


Downtown Reading Room  

Hours (Reading Room–198 Bonifacio Place, Monterey):

Mon–Fri 11am–4pm 

Sat 11 am–3pm

Hours (Reading Room–780 Abrego St., Monterey):

Mon–Fri 11am–4pm 

Closed on weekends

Phone Number:

Tel: 831-372-5076 (198 Bonifacio Place)

Tel: 831-920-2300 (780 Abrego Street)

Fax: 831-324-4708

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Hymn selection ~ Sunday, August 1

1st Hymn: 439                   

(Ruth Duck)


As a fire is meant for burning

With a bright and warming flame,

So a church is meant for healing

Giving glory to God’s name.

Not to preach mere creed or custom,

But to prove God’s loving care,

We join hands across the nations,

Finding neighbors everywhere.


As a green bud in the springtime

Is a sign of life renewed,

May we grow as signs of oneness

‘Mid earth’s peoples, many hued.

As a rainbow lights the heavens

When a storm is past and gone,

May our lives reflect the radiance

Of God’s new and glorious dawn.


We are learners; we are teachers;

We are pilgrims on the way.

We are bearers of the gospel,

We are children of the day.

By our gentle, loving actions

We would show that Christ is light.

With a humble, listening spirit

We would live to God’s delight.

2nd Hymn: 537                

(Ruby Nilson)

O church of God, built on a firm foundation,

Standing secure amid the storms of life,

Where all may come to learn of true salvation

And find release from discord, pain, and strife.


We hear the Word, in song and sermon spoken,

In silent prayer, we turn to

God today;

Our humble hearts receive the blessed token

Of Truth that guides us in the upward way.


O Spirit, feed us with Your bread from heaven,

We drink Your living water and

are free;

And every lesson that Your love has given,

Oh, may we learn it with humility.


We feel Your peace, Your arms of Love enfolding,

We lift our hearts in praise and gratitude.

We, from this hour, a glimpse of heaven beholding,

Go forward with our joy and strength renewed.

3rd Hymn: 37     

(Samuel Johnson)


City of God, how broad and far

Outspread thy walls sublime;

The true thy chartered freemen are,

Of every age and clime.


One holy church, one army strong,

One steadfast high intent,

One working band,

one harvest song,

One King omnipotent.


How gleam thy watch fires through the night,

With never fainting ray;

How rise thy towers, serene

and bright,

To meet the dawning day.


In vain the surge’s angry shock,

In vain the drifting sands;

Unharmed upon th’ eternal Rock,

The heavenly city stands.

We are very happy to announce that both our Reading Rooms are now open for in-person visits.
Please come and stop by…and just a friendly reminder, masks are required at both locations.  We hope to see you soon.


Love (Mary Baker Eddy)


Brood o’er us with Thy shelt’ring wing,

‘Neath which our spirits blend

Like brother birds, that soar and sing,

And on the same branch bend.

The arrow that doth wound the dove

Darts not from those who watch

and love.


If thou the bending reed

wouldst break

By thought or word unkind,

Pray that his spirit you partake,

Who loved and healed mankind:

Seek holy thoughts and

heavenly strain,

That make men one in love remain.


Learn, too, that wisdom’s rod is given

For faith to kiss, and know;

That greetings glorious from

high heaven,

Whence joys supernal flow,

Come from that Love, divinely near,

Which chastens pride and

earth-born fear,


Through God, who gave that word

of might

Which swelled creation’s lay:

“Let there be light, and there

was light.”

What chased the clouds away?

‘Twas Love whose finger traced aloud

A bow of promise on the cloud.


Thou to whose power our hope

we give,

Free us from human strife.

Fed by Thy love divine we live,

For Love alone is Life;

And life most sweet, as heart to heart

Speaks kindly when we meet

and part.